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RV Auxiliary Braking Systems

An RV is the perfect home on the go, but you need to be able to stop quickly to protect your property and everyone inside. That’s why TVforMyRV offers two exceptional RV braking systems to keep everything — and everyone — you love safe.

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RV braking systems may require an additional auxiliary option if you are exceeding a specific weight, which changes based on state laws. This can range from needing to brake “within legal limits,” to specific tonnage requirements. While some states will give you leeway for as much as 10,000 lbs., their neighbors may require a system for any RV over 1,000 lbs.

To help you stay in compliance, we recommend RV towed vehicle braking systems and auxiliary braking systems that will meet the state and federal rules where you like to drive most.

Smart Braking

To help maintain safety, our auxiliary braking systems employ progressive braking, meaning that they continue to brake as long as you do. When you apply your brakes, each system will continue to brake for your towed vehicle. With smart braking, these systems will reduce the likelihood of any skidding.

Our line of RV towed vehicle braking systems will brake in a method that mirrors your motions, keeping everything in proportion.

Always Know Your Safety Status

TVforMyRV offers two systems that provide coach notifications so you understand how well your brake system is performing in its current status. One option is a mountable LED light on the tow bar. If this lights up, you know the brakes are on.

Wired options provide a more consistent notification system, which is especially important in newer diesel rigs where there can be increased interference against radio signals.

You also have a choice that includes an audible alert in the motorhome to notify you about braking situations, including if the brakes have been on for too long.

Stay Powered

By connecting to existing power sources, these auxiliary braking systems maintain a constant charge and can even help charge the battery of the towed vehicle in some instances. This means your RV braking system won’t necessarily be a drain on the battery of either engine.

Hidden Until You Need It

The Invisibrake and SMI Air Force One auxiliary braking systems that we offer are both designed to be small and mountable without any significant impact to foot or storage room. Invisibrake sits right under your seat for easy use while SMI Air Force One is installed right on the brake arm, providing a permanent installation for protection.

Explore Braking

TVforMyRV has expanded our service areas to include braking and many more aspects of caring for your RV and enjoying your driving experience. Review the auxiliary brake systems below to see what’s best for your needs or give us a call at 717-438-3665 for help choosing the perfect model for your RV and the vehicle you’re towing.


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