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Cracks in Roof Caulking


Not long ago I was on the roof of the motorhome, just checking things over. The cauling around the skylight over the shower was starting to crack, and although we have not experienced any leaks yet, I thought it was time to schedule some preventative maintenance in the near future.  Cracks in roof caulking are the beginning of future problems. When a crack initially forms, dirt and water can work into these small cracks and over time these foreign substances in the cracks causes the cracks to grow, and grow, and grow, and eventually create a path for water to go where it is not wanted. 

I knew that I should remove the old caulking, and clean the area thoroughly and apply new caulking/sealant. So I gathered up the supplies I needed such as Roof Cleaner and several tubes of sealant, and the next nice weather Saturday morning, I was up on the roof hard at it. 

It took about an hour to carefully remove as much of the old caulking as I could, and I also found that the skylight itself needed some screws tightened and a few more screws installed near the corners, to get the skylight edge secured all the way around. At this time I used the rubber roof cleaner, a brush, and some rags to clean the surface as much as possible to remove any dirt and chalking. You can only get a good seal if things are clean and there isn't any loose dirt or contamination left behind.

It took three full tubes of Dicor Self Leveling sealant to put a new clean and smooth seal around the sklylight. One objective is to keep the surface of the sealant smooth and not leave places for water to puddle and form new cracks.  I left the sealant cure for a few days and then after cleaning it thoroughly again, I put EternaBond RoofSeal tape over the whole area. 

This repair should last longer than I really care about it!

"The only thing that requires more maintenance than a home, is a home on wheels!"