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Clean Dump RV Macerator Systems and Accessories

Our RV Macerator Pump Systems give you a SAFE, CLEAN, FAST way to dump your waste water--even uphill! Only the Clean Dump macerator system provides you with all the premium components in one box to install in your RV. Multiple factors combine to affect the efficiency and longevity of a macerator system. Proper voltage, adequately sized discharge hose, and the ability to prevent "dry-running" as much as possible. To address these concerns, the Clean Dump Permanently installed macerator system provides you with 20 feet of 10-guage, marine-grade wire to provide plenty of voltage to the motor; a full 1" inner-diameter smooth-walled hose for maximum discharge; and the discharge hose is transparent so you can turn off the system when the wastewater is empty.

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A Highly Efficient RV Macerator Pump System

With the Clean Dump system, you no longer have to "milk" your old 3" slinky hose out, then rinse it, and have it drip all over the ground and your RV while you stow it away. Now you simply close the drip-free valve on the end of the Clean Dump hose then "stow and go." The Clean Dump discharge hose is very heavy duty, has a 30-year UV rating, and comes with an industry-leading, 3-year warranty. In fact, the entire Clean Dump system has a 3-year warranty with the exception of the pump itself. The pump is warranted for 1 year on parts and 2 years for labor charges.

Order the Clean Dump macerator sytem today and go from the outhouse to indoor plumbing in your RV!

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