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  • Maximum Signal 5 Band Wireless Cellular Booster Kit - MaxAmpMobile  Kit

Maximum Signal 5 Band Wireless Cellular Mobile Booster Kit - MaxAmpMobile

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Product Description

Maximum Signal 5 Band Wireless Cellular Booster Kit

Do you need to improve cellular reception in your RV? The Maximum Signal Max Amp Mobile kit is the perfect solution!

5 Band Wireless 4G/LTE Cellular Amplifier

One of the greatest — and worst — aspects of traveling is being disconnected. At times, you want to unplug. Other times, however, you need to be connected. When you have to make that important phone call or research the best area restaurants on your cell phone, the last thing you need is poor cell reception. With cell phone signal booster kits for RVs, you won’t have that issue.

The Max-Amp Mobile 5 Band wireless 4G/LTE cellular amplifier is the most powerful cellular amplifier designed for any RV application in the marketplace today. The Max Amp RV utilizes patent-pending technologies in its 5 band wireless 4G/LTE cellular amplifier to provide you the best possible connection to your wireless carrier.

Using this RV cell phone booster, you will receive the fastest 4G/LTE data speeds your carrier offers with consistent voice calls. Thanks to its simple installation, you will be up and running in no time at all and enjoying your new MAX-AMP MOBILE RV kit 5 band wireless 4G/LTE cellular amplifier. 

Key Features

This wireless cell phone booster for RVs offers plenty of benefits. The system:

  • Has a wide coverage area — No matter how large your RV, you won’t have to deal with any dead zones. This mobile cell phone booster creates a cell zone of approximately 20 - 30 feet.
  • Offers multi-user support You won’t have to take turns accessing your Internet or making phone calls. Up to eight users at a time can simultaneously access the cell phone signal and experience the same performance.
  • Creates a vehicle "Cell Zone" — For reliable cellular access on the road, it creates a cell zone for your vehicle.
  • Works with current 3G, 4G, and voice on all carriers — You don’t have to worry if it will work with the phones you have.
  • Is fully automatic, no manual adjustments needed — Just set it up and sit back.
  • Provides full access to your carrier’s data speeds — You won’t be slowed down. Instead, you can get the cellular access you’d expect.
  • Has minimal antenna separation — You won’t experience a significant drop in strength as you would with other units. 
  • Is compatible with present and future technology — It works on 4G/LTE, and it will work on upcoming LTE advance/5G technology.
  • Is quick and easy to install — You won’t spend much time or effort getting the unit up and running. 
  • Detects signals even if your device cannot — You benefit from cellular access when you otherwise wouldn’t have it.
  • Works on multiple carriers simultaneously — Even if other users don’t have the same cell phone carrier, they can all access the signal. 
  • Features Reduced Antenna Separation Software (RASS) — This allows antennas to be closer together without reducing power.

What makes the MaxAmp Mobile RV Booster better than the competition? Yes, the MaxAmp Mobile system is more expensive than the others. Here's why!

  • Multi-Users - With the MaxAmp Mobile systems, up to 8 users can receive the benefit of the boosted signal simultaneously. The competitors have one signal stream, if there are two users, the available signal if one half. Three users, the signal is one third and so on....
  • Multiple Carriers - The Max Amp Mobile boosters can operate with multiple carriers and multiple phones simultaneously whether is it Sprint , AT&T , Verizon TMobile or any other North American carrier at the time.  The competitors establish a connection with whatever carrier the first visible phone requests . If other phones are trying to use a different carrier, they must wait until the booster disconnects from the original carrier. So, they work with other carriers, just not at the same time.
  • Full RV Coverage -  The MaxAmp Mobile system is powerful and sophisticated enough to provide a cell throughout a 30ft RV. No need to stay right next to the antenna like the competitors make you.
  • Greatest Sensitivity - No other Cell Phone booster comes close to the sensitivity of the MaxAmp Mobile systems. The MaxAmp Mobile circuitry takes the smallest of cellular signals and "cleans" the signal and establishes the highest quality connection between the booster and the phone.


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This item is potentially regulated by the FCC and/or other governing bodies. Please ensure that upon purchase and usage of this item that you are in compliance with any and all regulations specific to your area of usage. By purchasing this item, you acknowledge that it is your responsibility to own/operate this item within the laws and regulations that may apply


Product Videos

Max Amp Mobile RV Installation Video (09:43)
An example of how to permanently install the Maximum Signal Mobile RV cell phone booster in an RV.
  • Max Amp Mobile RV Installation Video
    An example of how to permanently install the Maximum Signal Mo...

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