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RV Solar Charging Kits

RV Solar Charging Kits

With RV Solar Charging Kits, you can charge and maintain your RV batteries using sustainable energy from the sun. These off-grid solar RV kits contain everything you'll need to have power for your satellite television and other electronic devices, where and when you need it.

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Solar panels for campers allow you to experience more of the comforts you want without eating into your budget. By using an RV solar panel kit, you get access to energy at an affordable price and can easily recoup your cost over the lifetime of your RV.

Each RV Solar Charging Kit includes a solar panel ranging from 50 to 130 watts, a solar charge controller, cables, connectors and appropriate mounting hardware. Solar panels for RVs in these deployments can manage your daily electrical use regardless of location and time of year. Each panel and kit can be tailored to your needs to manage common devices.

That gives you enough solar-recharged battery power to run your lights, fridge, fans, electronics, TV and more, anywhere the sun shines. Solar panels for RV use are a great way to add a little freedom to your journey by supporting longer trips to remote locations.

You can also expand your Samlex RV Solar Charging Kit with our RV Solar Expansion Kits. These off-grid RV solar charging expansion kits come with a solar panel, cabling, weatherproof connectors and mounting hardware. RV Solar Expansion kit sizes can be mixed and matched to fit the space available — they do not have to be all the same size, though the total of all panels cannot exceed 500 watts.

Solar panel kits for RVs give you power at night but help you keep the mood by running quietly, especially compared to traditional generators. Or you can pair an RV solar panel kit with your normal operations to extend your RV’s battery life by up to 50%.

Keep energy costs low during your RV adventures without ever having to worry about missing your favorite television programs with RV solar battery charging kits and solar panel kits from TVforMyRV.

Every RV is built and runs a little differently, so we recommend working with our top-notch staff to determine which solar panels for campers and RVs are right for you. Manuals in each solar panel kit include a full guide to installation and troubleshooting so you won’t get stuck without power.

Consider how much power you’re using on a daily basis and where you like to travel. Knowing this information can help you make a proper choice for a solar panel kit for your RV because you’ll aim for energy consumption to be replaced by your solar charging during the next day.

 Check out all our energy-efficient RV solar power kits below.

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