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RV Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) by TST


Now available from TVforMyRV is the TST 507, High Performance  TPMS system. If you are looking for a top of the line high performance TPMS for your motorhome, fifth wheel, or travel trailer, then the TST 507 system is for you. The 507 is loaded with lots of great features, such as extended range, customizable alerts,   Also available with the TST 507 are Flow Thru sensors to allow airing tires without removing the sensors, which is great for those hard to reach inside dual wheels. 

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The TST 507 is a full-featured TPMS system for your RV that monitors tire pressure and temperature for up to 22 wheels and up to 205 pounds psi with an accuracy of 1%. These TST 507 systems have sensors with user-replaceable batteries. No more sending sensors back to the factory for expensive battery replacements, simply remove the battery cover and slip in a new battery, which are avaiable in many stores. TV for My RV has a full line RV TPMS systems that give you the ability to have complete control over how your RV is performing throughout your travels.

Proper tire pressures are critical to RVs and the vehicles in tow. Under-inflated tires have a greater rolling resistance than properly inflated tires and therefore consume more fuel and increase emissions. They generate higher temperatures and are more likely to have a catastrophic failure. Using a Tire Pressure Monitoring System with your RV allows you to be proactive in preventing problems or at least detecting them before they become dangerous. The TST507 system also provides temperature monitoring to give you an early warning of problems such as a dragging brake or a bad wheel bearing.

We have put together packages with the appropriate number of sensors for many typical RV applications to save you money on additional sensor pricing. The cost of these RV Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems are less than the damages caused by a preventable tire failure.

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