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RV TV Mounting Systems and Camper TV Mounts

Many RV owners are so excited about purchasing a brand-new flat screen TV for their vehicles that they fail to consider how they will install it. Many older RVs — especially ones built before the year 2000 — were not designed to accommodate today’s larger LED or LCD televisions, creating the need to install stronger TV mounting brackets. Choosing the right RV TV mounting brackets is essential for preventing damage to your TV while traveling.

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TVforMyRV.com offers lots of helpful advice for the do-it-yourselfer. After all, we’re RV and motorhome owners, just like you! We provide plenty of resources for selecting RV TV mounts to hold your television securely in place. A well-constructed, properly fitting RV TV mount should be able to withstand the rigors of bumpy roads, which is essential for protecting your television investment. It should be suited to the size and shape of your RV while offering the flexibility to fit your particular viewing style.

Check Out Our Informative Videos About RV TV Mounting Systems

If you're looking for the right mount for a new TV upgrade in your RV or Motorhome, check out our two new videos showing overviews of the many TV mounting solutions we have available. These informative videos offer step-by-step instructions for properly selecting and installing RV TV monitor mounts. You’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your TV will remain secure in even the most challenging road conditions.



TV Mounts from MOR/ryde Industries

Check out these specialty RV TV mounts from MOR/ryde Industries. We are pleased to add selected products from MOR/ryde Industries that are specifically made for RV use. These "Made in USA" MOR/ryde TV mounts and mounting systems let you mount a TV in many unique RV situations that just can't be solved with a "generic" off-the-shelf TV mount. Be sure to check them out; they're the perfect solution for mounting a new upgrade LCD or LED TV in your RV, Camper or Motorhome.

Choosing The Right RV LCD TV Mount Products

TV1-021 Wall Mount

You've picked out your new LCD TV for your RV, and now you need a way to fasten or mount it in place. Attaching a cabinet to an RV wall may be in order. TVforMyRV has selected a variety of mounting TV brackets to use in your RV, no matter if it is a motor home, a travel trailer, or fifth wheel trailer, these mounts are tough enough to stand up to the turbulence of our nation's sometimes irregular highways and bridges.

More About the Different Types of RV TV Mounts

If you're looking to install your new high-definition LCD TV in front of your old TV's box, you may want to look at the Bello 7465 articulating arm mount. This arm supports up to 50 lbs. and will allow you to mount your TV to the arm and swing the arm and some of the back of the TV into the recess of your existing TV box. See this product in actual use in our RV.

There are wall mounts that are stationary, tilt up and down, swivel side to side, or can be pushed back flush to the wall when not in use. Consider a desk-mounted option, a ceiling-mounted TV, or even an under-the-cabinet mount. Basement cargo bays can even be fitted with sliding mounts that extend out from the vehicle for watching TV outdoors. Choose a mount that allows your TV to rotate 180 degrees from room to room, or hide your TV inside a cabinet or entertainment center shelf before you extend it forward and adjust it when in use.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the more common RV/motorhome TV mounting bracket types:

  • Flat RV wall mount TV brackets: Flat wall mounts are used to secure your TV against a wall, similar to hanging a picture or mirror. This type of mount provides an easy installation and offers a stylish appearance that enhances the interior décor of the RV. It’s also a great space saver, as the TV rests against the wall. Anything that saves space in an RV is a plus!
  • Tilt mounts: A tilt mount offers greater flexibility than a standard wall mount bracket, as it allows the TV to be tilted at a variety of angles, even downward. This is an especially important feature for eliminating sun glare, which is a common problem in RVs. Most tilt mounts can create an angle of up to 20 degrees.
  • Swivel mounts: RV TV swivel mounts enable the TV to be turned from one side to the other, but generally do not tilt.
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    However, some models are available that tilt and swivel for additional viewing flexibility. Some swivel mounts also come with shelving.
  • Articulating mounts: Another variation of the standard wall mount, the articulating mount enables the TV to be extended outward from the wall, usually at a distance of up to 30 inches.
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    Additionally, the TV can be shifted from one side to the other. On the downside, articulating mounts tend to be a bit more extensive than flat wall mounts.
  • Full-motion mounts: If you want maximum range of motion in an RV wall mount TV bracket, the full-motion mount is your best option. These mounts can retract, tilt, swivel and in some cases rotate a full 360 degrees. You’ll be able to watch TV or movies from just about anywhere in your RV, making this mount the perfect viewing choice when entertaining a large gathering.
  • Sliding mounts: Sliding TV mounts for RV and motorhome use are the perfect choice for outdoor viewing while tailgating or camping. You’ll be able to open the compartment door of your vehicle and simply slide out the television, then slide it back in when you’re finished watching. These mounts can be locked in place when not in use to protect your TV while you’re traveling.
  • Under cabinet mounts: Under cabinet mounts offer an effective solution for smaller TVs (up to 24 inches) that are not suitable for wall mounting. They’re designed for mounting TVs under kitchen cabinets or overhead storage areas.
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    Many cabinet mounts can be tilted or rotated, making it easy to find the ideal viewing angle. They’ll also free up additional space on countertops and other surfaces that would otherwise be used for placing your TV.
  • Flip-around mounts: A more innovative RV TV mount is the flip-around mount. This mount allows for the installation of a flat screen TV on one side and a picture or mirror on the other. You’ll be able to flip the TV around to hide it from view when not in use. Flip-around mounts are generally the priciest RV TV mounts currently on the market.

TVforMyRV also carries the adapter plates and knob kits you may need to make your particular TV model compatible. These TV mount selections mostly include options for small to medium flat screens, though some have adapters for larger mounting-hole configurations. If you need your RV’s TV to pull out, lift up, slide forward, tilt down, pan across, rotate, drop down, extend an arm out, or swivel, you’ve come to the right place. If mounted properly to an appropriate weight-bearing surface using the included hardware and instructions, your TV isn’t going to go anywhere while you’re on the open road.

Caution When Using TV Mounting Brackets

One piece of caution! Some of these mounting solutions have been designed by the manufacturer for use in buildings, and are to be attached to masonry or 2x4 wood-framed walls. These mounts are very strong, but the weak link using them in our RVs is the strength of the wall or cabinet the mount is attached to and the hardware used to attach the mount to the wall or cabinet. TVforMyRV will not assume any liability for the use of these products in your RV. You are responsible for the choice of hardware, the mounting solution, and the installation. If you are in doubt, consult your local professional installer for advice.

Fast and Free Shipping of RV TV Mounting Brackets

When you order RV TV mounts from TVforMyRV.com, you also get same-day shipping of orders placed by 12:00 PM EST. Free ground shipping is also available for orders greater than $75. Order your RV TV mounting system today!

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