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Electrical Surge Protectors and Adapters For RV's

TVforMyRV has a selection of the best electrical power protection and electrical surge protectors available for every type of RV. Fifth wheels, travel trailers, motorhomes, they all need protection from possible power problems from under-voltage, over-voltage, missing grounds, and even mis-wired receptacles. 

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RV power surge protectors can keep all of your devices safe across multiple deployments. Many models come with built-in polarity testers and other shielding options that provide continuous protection and notify you about the condition of the surge protector.

An RV power adapter can also be added to your camper easily. They’re compact and sleek, allowing you to place them out of the way or install them to avoid any eyesores. The latest in camper power surge protectors from TVforMyRV are chosen to help you gain protection as easily and beautifully as possible.

It's your home — protect it every day.

We also stock a series of camper power adapters that allow you to use the devices you love. For example, choosing a Cheater Box Power Adapter can allow you to make use of a device with a 50-amp cord, even in RVs that don’t have 50-amp plugs. These creative solutions give you the juice you need with all of the protection of a traditional RV or other power surge protector.

RV power adapters aren’t difficult to use when you choose from the selection we provide. Everything is tested to ensure that it works as advertised and help you enjoy your RV. That’s why many of the products we stock include options such as remote displays, so you can centralize your RV maintenance and enjoyment.

Your ride is a significant investment, and a camper power adapter plus surge protector is the best way to protect those delicate electrical systems. Choose a model designed to protect against electrical problems both from internal wiring as well as during hookups. You can even find options that give you an easier motor startup or are designed specifically for outdoor use when you’re as far off the grid as you can get.

Don't let your RV full of electronics go up in smoke.

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