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Motorhome Towbars and Flat Towing Accessories

TVforMyRV carries a Top of the Line selection of Tow Bars and Accessories for your motorhome flat towing application. We have high quality, competitively priced Tow Bars from Blue Ox.

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Blue Ox tow bars that focus on flat towing, or four-wheels down towing, are available at a more affordable rate than towing with a folly or full flatbed. Aluminum and RV towbar accessories tend to be lighter and more energy efficient than your other towing options as well.

RV Towbar Ratings

Getting ready to tow? You’ll want to make sure that your aluminum towbar or other RV towing accessories match your RV’s towing rating.

Each towbar will have a specific rating, such as 10,000 pounds. That means it can support towing up to 10,000 pounds of car behind your RV.

The amount your RV can tow is a little different. You can figure out how much your RV can tow by getting it fully loaded with goodies and people and determining this weight. Next, subtract this weight from your RV’s gross combined weight rating (GCWR). That new number is how much you can tow.

Ensure that your RV towbar ratings are able to handle that weight. And double-check the car you want to tow is less than the calculated weight!

RV Towbar Accessories

Nice and easy are the two best words to describe your towbar for flat towing experience. A quick installation of the towbar plus power accessories gets you ready to go and makes you well suited to towing the same vehicle around on all of your trips.

If you change out regularly, be sure to choose one of our great models with an easy fold-away tow bar mount that’s designed to store in the back of your RV.

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