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The Ultimate Guide to Maximum Signal 5 Band RV Wireless Cellular Booster Kit

When you travel in your RV, you may love to unplug for a day or two. However, staying disconnected for more than that can be difficult, if not dangerous. You need to have a means to communicate with the greater world just in case you have an emergency while you’re traveling or something happens back home and people need to get in touch with you. You don’t want to miss out on an important phone call because you drove into an area where cell service is poor.

MAX-AMP Mobile RV booster

Keeping you connected no matter where you travel inspired the creation of the Maximum Signal 5 Band RV Wireless Cellular Booster Kit. The cellular booster will help you stay connected for the duration of your trip, no matter where you’re headed. The cell phone reception booster improves service to your cell phone so you can avoid the annoying dropped calls, lack of reception, roaming charges and other nuisances that can impair your ability to use your phone.

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Since TVForMyRV is the go-to source for the cell phone signal booster, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide answer all of your questions about the product, such as:

  • Why do cell phone signals get lost?
  • Why do I need an RV cell phone signal booster?
  • How does the service work?
  • Why choose Maximum Signal over other cell phone boosters?
  • What are the Federal Communications Commission rules governing this product?
  • Are there any carrier restrictions?
  • How is it installed?
  • Can I get a warranty?
  • What troubleshooting tips do you have for this kit?

Once you’ve learned more about cell phone reception boosters, you will understand why we have the premier product on the market today. Get ready to transform your RV communication experience!

Why Do Cell Phone Signals Get Lost?

We’ve all been there. You pick up your phone to make a call, send a text or look up a good place to make camp for the night, and you notice the bars on your phone have suddenly disappeared. You run from one end of the RV to the other trying to find your way out of the cell phone black hole, but no luck. You’ve hit a dead zone, and your cell phone is about as useful as a pair of skis in the desert.

cell phone waves

Why do these dead zones happen? Cell phones communicate by using radio waves. These waves come from base stations — often referred to as cell sites — that facilitate the sending and receiving of calls and requests for data. Many things might inhibit these radio waves, including:

  • Weather
  • Distance
  • Other devices in the area
  • Large buildings
  • Vegetation - trees can cause problems

So, for example, if a thunderstorm rages outside, you may have difficulty getting a cell signal. If you park in a remote area, far from the nearest cell tower, you will see spotty connectivity. If you arrive at an RV park and notice 1,000 other campers, chances are you’ll have a problem because everyone else is trying to jump on the same networks.

Dropped Calls and Lack of Service

Cell phone woes can come in many forms. You may initially make a connection, whether you pull up a website listing the best local places for dinner or check your email, only to find that connection interrupted. Dropped calls are the most obvious symptom of a poor connection, and they often happen when you’re on the move. You could be driving around a campsite or hiking near where you parked your RV, or maybe you drive through a tunnel.

Your phone automatically finds the closest tower, so when you move, the closest tower may change. Unfortunately, you may not get the same reception from the second tower that you did with the first, hence the dropped call or lost service. People refer to places where you can’t get a signal as “dead zones” or “coverage holes.” If you know where you’re going in advance, you can often find guides to where your service provider’s signal is weak before taking off on your trip, just so you’re prepared.

rv park

Other causes of lost service besides moving could include problems with backend software or power outages. There’s also an issue of terrain. When you travel over hilly or mountainous terrain, the topography may provide natural blockages that make it difficult for cell service to travel around. Trees also cause a notorious amount of cell signal interference. While they’re gorgeous to look at on any camp site, there’s no denying they’re a technological nuisance.

Your mode of transportation may also be interfering with your cell signal. When you sit inside an RV and try to use the phone, you may notice you get even worse reception than when you’re in a car. We can all agree that RVs are the ideal mode of transportation, but they have a great deal of metal, and that can block a phone from picking up on the signals coming in from nearby towers.

But most of the time when you’re on an RV trip, the most likely cause of problems is poor reception. Because you’re often in the wilderness, there could be fewer cell towers and thus fewer connections for your phone to find. That’s where the cell phone booster kit comes in.

Why Do You Need a Cell Phone Booster for Your RV?

We’ve all become used to a certain level of connectivity in our lives. Even though you may want to enjoy the open road without checking your email or reading the day’s headlines, it’s reassuring to know you have that option should the need arise.

Having a cell phone that can connect quickly and when you need it is also a matter of safety. You need to know you can get a hold of emergency services if you need them. No matter how many times you’ve taken your RV on the road, emergencies happen. It’s smart to be prepared.

cell phone

A cell phone signal booster helps to ensure you remain connected, even in an area with notoriously poor service. The booster essentially amps up the power on your cell phone’s coverage. Where before you might see zero bars in a certain area, when you hook up the cell phone booster, you’ll suddenly kick up to a couple.

Having cell service can make your trip more enjoyable. If you have young people traveling with you, they’ll want to text with friends and check their social media accounts and stream digital videos. The cell phone booster will allow you to provide them with the type of entertainment they enjoy.

How Does an RV Cell Phone Signal Booster Work?

A signal booster does not create a new signal for you. Rather it amplifies the already-existing one, making it strong enough to reach your phone. Think of it like a megaphone. It takes something that already exists, like your voice, and them it makes it much bigger and louder. Keep in mind that a signal booster will not work if no signal is reaching the area.

The MAX-AMP MOBILE cell phone reception booster has an internal and an external antenna. The external antenna is placed on top of the RV. It’s connected to the amplifier, which is inside the RV, along with the internal antenna.

cell phone

When you’ve installed all the parts, it’s almost like lifting the top off of your RV. Suddenly you experience the type of reception you usually get outdoors, inside your RV. There’s no more walking around, trying to find a place where the signal works. Instead, the amplifier bounces that improved signal all over your motor home.

Benefits of Using a Cell Phone Booster

If you’re still unsure about getting a cell phone boosting kit for your RV, here are some things you may want to consider. You will improve the quality of your trips, make your family happy and keep everyone safer by using an RV cell phone booster. Let’s discuss the advantages of installing this system:

1. Keep Your Family Safe

Of course, the most important consideration on any trip is your family’s safety. We would never want to put a damper on your vacation, but the fact is unexpected problems can come up. It’s smarter to think about the possibility of an emergency beforehand than to wonder about the “what ifs” afterward.

emergency logo

Having a working cell phone available at all times will put you at ease. You won’t have to worry about being unable to call an emergency service if anything should happen. RV trips are lots of fun, but they can also present lots of opportunities for problems, such as:

  • Flat tires
  • Running out of fuel
  • Propane leaks or appliance failures
  • Broken plumbing lines
  • Mechanical breakdown
  • Vehicle accidents
  • Medical emergency

If any of these issues pop up, you’ll be relieved to have a cell phone you know can receive service in order to contact the right person or emergency services. Nothing ruins a good trip faster than a small problem that turns into a big one when it’s not addressed immediately.

2. Preserving Phone Battery

This may sound like a relatively minor benefit compared to keeping your family safe, and it is. But it’s also true that fast-draining batteries are one of the most annoying things about having a cell phone.

How will a booster help keep your phone charged? When your device constantly searches for phone service, it drains your battery. Without you even knowing it, your phone is trying to establish a connection with faraway signals. Like a marathoner coming to the end of the race, that phone gets worn out from all the activity. You may notice that, after charging your phone to 100 percent in the morning, it’s drained to five percent by noon, and you haven’t even made a call.

cell phone

How frustrating. But there is a solution. Using a cell phone reception booster helps to ensure your phone will no longer be searching out connections. Instead, it can jump right onto the signal in your RV, which it will find easily through the amplifier.

That will allow you to charge your device and actually keep it that way, resulting in less energy wasted through the constant re-charging of your battery. Plus, it’s just less annoying when your phone stays charged.

3. Serving Lots of Devices

The signal boost doesn’t just help one person with cell service. The MAX-AMP MOBILE amplifier has been specially designed for use by up to eight devices. Since most people have fewer than eight in their family, that’s a very comfortable user limit.

That means up to eight different cellular devices can surf the web, call home, or check email at the same time. For anyone with kids, you know what a blessing that can be. Your children won’t fight over who gets to use the service first or squabble over how much time everyone gets.

It also means you can afford to be neighborly. One of the best things about traveling in an RV is meeting new people and sharing time with them on the road. When you ask someone over for dinner, you can also mention your boosted cell phone service and invite them to hop on out of sheer friendliness ( it doesn’t cost you any extra). Chances are they’ll thank you for the kind gesture — and ask where they can pick up a booster of their own.

4. Working on the Road

When you work on the road, you need reliable cell reception whether you’re stopped at a state park or on the highway cruising toward your destination. A great aspect of the cell phone booster is that it works whether you’re at a standstill or on the move. It creates what we call a vehicle “Cell Zone,” meaning you can use the amplifier no matter where you are in the RV.

5. Avoiding Unnecessary Connections

One of the first questions people ask about these cell phone amplifiers is whether they work through the internet. The answer is no.

telephone cord

Unlike the network extenders offered by the carriers, you are not required to have an landline internet connection to install or use our amplifier.  

6. Improving the Quality of Calls

It’s not just the signal level that gets better when you hook up an amplifier. The Max Amp Booster also improves the signal quality of your phones connection. The calls you make will  improved over the ones you make without the amplifier. That’s because the increased signal strength and quality eliminates static and background noise on phone calls.

This can be advantageous when:

  • You’re calling for help and need to relay your location to the person on the other end.
  • You’re trying to get directions from the site where you plan to stop for the night.
  • You’re communicating with work about an unexpected emergency that comes up while you are on the road.
  • You’re phoning in prescription information to pick up a refill near your next stop.

7. Lengthening the Life of Your Phone

These days, it seems you need to buy a new phone at least every two years — and even more frequently if your phone is getting a lot of use. If your device is constantly draining its battery trying to connect to faraway cell towers, installing an amplifier will not only eliminate your battery problems, but it will also prolong the life of the phone.

When your mobile functions more efficiently, it preserves the quality of the phone. Since it’s not working as hard, your phone will stay in good shape for longer.

8. Allowing Your Business to Function

We applaud those entrepreneurs who take their businesses on the road, operating from their RVs. If you run a business this way, you need reliable communication to get your job done. Using a cell phone booster can ensure you are able to make the phone calls you need and to access the internet when you need it.

woman on cell phone

You’ll never need to worry about missing a client teleconference or not getting an important email because you can’t find a signal.

What About the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)?

The Federal Communications Commission, or FCC, is the government agency that governs all forms of communication in the United States. This includes cell phones, and in recent years, cell phone amplifiers have come under scrutiny from the FCC because of some early issues that led to concern these devices were causing problems with wireless networks.

Amplifiers with bad design or that had been installed the wrong way began not just messing up wireless networks, but also interfering with emergency services, throwing off signals for those who called 911. The FCC grew concerned that the sudden demand for amplifiers, which have a lot of useful practical applications such as improving connectivity in rural areas, could amplify those problems, so to speak, threatening emergency services by blocking or distorting more calls.

The agency enacted new rules in 2014 designed to combat these problems. They include:

  • Requiring anyone who purchases a cell phone booster to register the device with their wireless provider
  • Demanding anyone who is asked to turn off their amplifier because it’s interfering with emergency services to do so immediately
  • Requesting better cell amplifier design, which it updates the public on regularly, to eliminate the conflicting signals

In the two years since, new amplifiers have included safeguards against interfering with emergency signals. They include labels that say the devices are compliant with new guidelines from the FCC governing cell phone amplifiers. The Maximum Signal MAX-AMP MOBILE 5 Band Wireless 4G/LTE cellular amplifier is in total compliance with FCC rules, making it the first consumer cellular booster to fully comply with the current FCC regulations.

Why Choose Maximum Signal Over Other Cell Phone Boosters?

We have the best product on the market for RV users. We tell our customers that, but we also show them by offering a number of competitive advantages. You should choose this amplifier kit because of the following reasons:

  • Supports Current and Future Technology.

If you’ve researched cell phone boosters for your RV in the past, you may have seen many RV kits cover only 3G networks. Ours is different.

cellular phone speeds

We understand things change quickly in the world of technology. Our kit offers support for more generations of service and speeds, including both 3G and 4G and the upcoming 5G.

  • Skip the Cradle.

Other cell phone boosters require you to put your phone in a cradle in order to reap the benefits of the boost. The Maximum Signal 5 Band RV Wireless Cellular Booster Kit does not. You can avoid the special devices and equipment. Use your phone everywhere in the RV

Without using a cradle, you’re free to walk around the RV or enjoy privacy with your phone by moving into a bedroom. While people may fight over who gets to use the cradle, our service allows multiple people to jump on our amplifier at the same time.

  • A Permanent Solution.

After you hook up the cell phone amplifier, you’re done. There’s no more worrying about having to unhook the phone from a cradle or moving the antennae to pick up better signals. Instead, you have a permanent solution to your dropped call issues that you don’t have to fool with again. You can instead concern yourself with improving other areas of your RV, such as getting new storage bay locks or upgrading your surge protection.

  • Compatible With Many Carriers.

The MAX-AMP MOBILE RV booster can assist with amplifying connections to nearly every carrier. That’s one reason why we serve 3G and 4G, because so many carriers now offer 4G and are moving up to 5G. Not only does the device work with different carriers, but people who subscribe to separate carriers can also use it at the same time.

That’s convenient since many people travel with extended families. You may not subscribe to the same carrier as your uncle or niece, but you can use the cell phone amplifier at the same time.

That’s convenient since many people travel with extended families. You may not subscribe to the same carrier as your uncle or niece, but you can use the cell phone amplifier at the same time.

  • No Fees.

There are no hidden fees with the MAX-AMP MOBILE 5 Band Wireless 4G/LTE cell phone booster. It’s a one-time investment that will deliver benefits for years to come.

  • Minimal Antennae Separation.

The external and internal antennas have a small distance of separation. That means improved signal strength, which you can experience as you walk around your RV. Whether you’re in the front or the back, the amplification will remain steady. Many other amplifiers don’t offer this option, and so their signals are uneven and weaker in some spots than others.

Are There Any Carrier Restrictions on the Maximum Signal Amplifier?

The cell signal booster for your RV can be used with many different carriers. There are no restrictions on wireless services. However, it’s required that you register your device with your carrier before you use or begin to install this device.

cellular phone

Though most carriers do allow the use of amplifiers, you still must receive their consent to use the device. You can check ahead of time with your carrier if you are uncertain about their restrictions.

How Is the Maximum Signal Device Installed?

Installing the Maximum Signal Mobile RV Cell Booster is simple. We provide step-by-step instructions to guide you through the process. Even if you don’t consider yourself handy, you can take care of the installation with relative ease.

The kit includes just a few simple parts. Even though the indoor antenna comes in two different colors, you can spray paint it a different shade that matches your interior. Be sure you do not use a metallic-based or glitter paint, however, as that can interfere with the signal. We have a magnetic external antenna that makes mounting on the roof simple — even if you have a rubber roof. Watch our video for tips on how to make the roof antenna work with a rubber roof.

Installation consists of four major steps:

  1. Picking your location: Keep in mind the lengths of the cables you’ll be installing and pick a place without excess moisture or humidity.
  2. Ensure that the two antenna have a minimum of 12 feet of horizontal separation.
  3. Installing the external antenna: It should be placed on the roof pointing up. Be careful when securing the cable  to the RV from the antenna to ensure that you do not use any materials that could puncture the cable, such as staples.
  4. Installing the ceiling, or indoor, antenna: Point downward to ensure functionality.
  5. Turn on the amplifier: Attach the power adapter to the booster and plug it in, making sure to use only the equipment provided and not attaching your own modified equipment.

Where to Put Your Cell Phone Booster

We get a lot of questions about where to put a new cell phone amplifier. There’s no wrong answer, really, to this question, but we do advise taking several things into account, such as:

  • Keeping the booster out of sight: For purely aesthetic purposes, you may want the booster located somewhere people won’t see it, such as an empty cabinet.
  • Having a power source nearby: Your booster will need to be plugged in, so you want a plug to be easily accessible.
  • Avoiding interference: The amplifier has a power cord and two antenna cables, and it’s best if it’s tucked away so it doesn’t interfere with other things you may have in your RV.  
  • Staying in the middle: It’s not required to put the indoor antenna near the middle of the RV, but it can be helpful for accessibility and creating the best possible “Cell Zone.”
  • Making sure the roof is accessible: The exterior antenna will need to connect with the booster via a cable.

Does the Maximum Signal Cell Phone Booster Come With a Warranty?

Like any high-quality product, the MAX-AMP MOBILE cell phone signal booster does come with a warranty. The one-year guarantee covers any problems with the materials or manufacturing. All repairs or replacement of the product is at our discretion, depending on the problem.

thumbs up hand

To claim your warranty, you must register your device within 30 days after your purchase. We recommend doing it as soon as possible so you don’t forget — you may be so excited about an upcoming RV vacation that this step slips your mind. Save your original receipt, all parts and the packing materials as well. If you do not follow the directions in Maximum Signal LLC’s return policy, your request may not be granted.

Also keep in mind that Maximum Signal is not responsible for any problems with your device you may cause. Remember how we advised you not to use staples to secure cables? If you ignore that advice and use them, the problem won’t be covered under warranty because the issue is of your making, not ours.

Most speed bumps you encounter will be covered quickly and seamlessly under the warranty. However, you may also find you can fix many things yourself.

Troubleshooting Your Maximum Signal Cell Phone Amplifier

If a problem arises with your signal amplifier, we can help get it resolved. The light on the booster will help guide you through. You want it to remain blue or green, which means it’s working properly. The only difference between the two signals is that earlier models have a blue signal, while those produced later have a green light.

cell phone booster light indicators

You can always contact us for assistance. You can also try these solutions for some of the most common issues:

  • Experiment With Installation Location

Try out different locations for the antenna before you install. If you see a red light on the booster, it means the device needs to be adjusted. Do not make your final installation until you’ve adjusted the antennae so the red light goes off.

When the red light shines, it usually means:

  • One or both of the antennas are not pointing correctly. The roof antenna should point up, and the indoor antenna points down.
  • The antennae are too close. Optimally, you want about 12 feet between the two.
  • Try a Magnetic Mount for the Exterior

Use a magnetic mount for easy reattachment of the exterior antenna. While a trucker antenna may seem like the easier way to do it if you have a rubber roof, it’s actually quite simple to attach a piece of steel to your roof and put the antenna there. This way, if the antenna gets knocked off, all you need to do is stick it back on the roof. It won’t cause any damage to your vehicle or the antenna.

  • Get a Speed Test App on Your Phone

You can test out the amplifier to ensure it’s working by downloading an app for your smartphone that measures data speed. Walk around your motor home to find the optimal performance area. While it may be slightly better in certain places, the overall effect will be to improve speed throughout the RV. That is, your phone will work better with the amplifier than without. It’s simply a matter of how much better.

cellular phone

You may be surprised at the results. We’ve found the strongest speed isn’t always right next to the antenna but rather elsewhere in the motor home.

  • Check Your Phone

It may not be the signal quality that’s the problem. It could actually be your phone. In our testing, we have found certain phones perform much better with the Maximum Signal amplifier. If your device is old or of low quality, you may need to get a new device to see better results.

A Few Final Tips Before Investing in Your RV Cell Phone Booster

Many people mistakenly think the more bars you have on your phone, the better. They hope to see five bars on their devices when they plug in the amplifier, but actually, that shouldn’t be your goal. Five bars can actually lead to problems such as oscillation of your signal. Instead, judge the performance of your Maximum Signal Max Amp Mobile Booster by the quality of your calls, the increased data speed and ability to hop online with ease.

The size of your RV should not be a barrier to purchasing the MAX-AMP MOBILE cellular amplifier, since the booster covers a wide area. Whether your motor home is large or small, the booster should work. It covers a 53-foot RV with ease.

rv parked

Finally, make sure to follow the installation directions closely when you receive your device:

  • Fill out the warranty
  • Register with your wireless carrier
  • Take heed of recommendations such as avoiding staples

By following these directions, you’ll get the best possible results from your new device.

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Improve Your Cell Phone Reception Today With a Maximum Signal Amplifier

Keep your family safe, avoid the annoyance of dropped calls and turn your RV into a cell phone powerhouse. You can get the top-notch reception your RV deserves with the Maximum Signal Mobile RV Cell Booster Kit from TVForMyRV. View the full product details of the MAX-AMP booster, and invest in one today to improve your RV experience.

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