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Winegard announces new DirecTV SWM compatible Antenna


The new TRAV'LER DIRECTV SWM Slimline, SK-SWM3, featuring new technology that makes it compatible with all DIRECTV HD SWM receivers is now available and will replace the DIRECTV Slimline model, SK-3005. 

The Full DIRECTV HD Experience
Winegard is the first to provide RVers with the only solution for maximum DIRECTV HD programming that is compatible with all of the newest DIRECTV SWM receivers.

  • Supports all new DIRECTV HD receivers.
  • Provides simultaneous reception from 99°, 101° and 103° for complete SD and HD programming.*
  • Record and watch in any room with one DIRECTV HD DVR.
View all satellites at the same time for maximum programming. Never miss your favorite show again! Watch any program, on any TV in the RV, all at the same time!

  • Family friendly - watch different programs on a variety of TVs at the same time.
  • Great to use with DVRs - watch and record from different satellites simultaneously.
 Available NOW from TVforMyRV
For more information see the product details  HERE !