8 Best RV Battery (Deep Cycle) Reviews 2020

While traveling or going on a boat cruise, we never imagine our vehicles will break down and disappoint (at least we try not to imagine it). But these things do happen and one of the major reasons is because we have been using the wrong batteries!

However, with the Best RV Battery, you get to enjoy a smooth journey without any form of interruption as your vehicle will not leave you stranded on the road. This battery ensures not just an enjoyable trip but an uninterrupted one as well.

In this article, we will answer some questions in our value session. We will also review the best products on the market and answer frequently asked questions. There’s a lot to learn, so let’s get started already! Shall we?         

8 Best RV Battery Reviews on the Market

With lots of RV batteries on the market all with the same claim of being the best, making the right decision can be a bit difficult, more especially if you know nothing about batteries. It is for this reason we thought it wise to bring you the top products on the market. They include:

1. Vmaxtanks Vmaxslr 125 Expertpower 12v 33ah Rechargeable Deep Cycle Battery

Without a battery, your vehicle is as good as non-existent. Hence, it is important to pay keen attention to the type of battery you purchase. By choosing a good battery, you get value for your money.

We start with the Vmaxtanks Vmaxslr 125 AGM Deep Cycle 12v 125ah SLA rechargeable Battery. This battery offers you superior performance. It can last as long as eight to ten years hence, it is durable. It also comes with a battery calculator to help you calculate the number of batteries required for your specific DC or AC battery.

Also, this product features a 12 months warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee if dissatisfied when purchased through it authorized seller. It is a 12v 125Ah Group 31 AGM deep cycle and heavy-duty battery. The plates are military-grade and custom made. This battery was specifically designed for ninety-nine percent recombination capabilities. It does not emit dangerous gases or fumes.

Furthermore, the battery is made with tough alloys and has high-quality components which make it last longer than other batteries. It is a maintenance-free battery and can handle shocks as well as impacts on boats, campers, recreational vehicles, travel trailers, and others. It can also be used in any position.


  • It features a 12 months warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee
  • It has a long life span
  • Does not emit gas, fumes or poisonous substances
  • It features a calculator for easy and efficient use


  • It comes at a high price tag
  • It is heavy

2. Battle Born LifePO4 Deep Cycle Battery

Battery Born LifePO4 Deep Cycle Battery is an excellent choice for those in need of a lightweight battery. It is suitable for RVs; it can also be used in boats and other off-grid power systems too. It is versatile and so can be used in various systems including the ones that are 12v, 24v, 36v and 48v.

Although lightweight, it is still powerful enough to last up to ten times longer than usual. We like its sleek design too and this is because it makes the battery manageable. This battery can be used to run RV, a golf cart, trailer or a boat without needing additional hardware.

It has an easy and hassles free setup while it’s exterior is strong enough to protect it from external damage. This protection extends to weather conditions, overcharging and even deep discharge. We also like that it can be installed indoors without emitting any hydrogen or poisonous gases. It can be recharged as many times as possible while it still retains about 80% of its original capacity.


  • It is ideal for recreational vehicles and other off-grid systems
  • It is lightweight and has a sleek design
  • Can run your vehicle and other items without extra hardware
  • Can withstand several recharging without losing its capacity


  • It is not cheap
  • The housing is not so durable

3. ExpertPower 12v 33ah Rechargeable Deep Cycle Battery

This product is made with materials of high quality. They are suitable for use in emergency systems and to power home security systems.  It is a lead-acid battery which is suitable for use in lighting equipment, home alarm system, home security systems, emergency systems, medical devices, wheelchairs, UPS, solar collectors and others.

It utilizes an Absorbed Glass Mat technology (AGM). It also has a variety of temperatures within which it can operate. This 12v 33Amp battery can run for as long as ten hours at a stretch. It is deep cycle sealed and comes with screws in its terminals. It measures 7.72” L x 5.16” W x 6.34” H with a total height of 7.09”.

ExpertPower 12v 33ah Rechargeable Deep Cycle Battery is easy and has a one-time installation. It is also maintenance-free with a valve regulated battery that will get your system running in no time. It also has an optional temperature discharge and this ranges across different temperatures.


  • It is user-friendly and easy to install
  • Can be used for a wide range of application
  • It utilizes AGM technology
  • It is made with high-quality materials


  • Cannot power heavy machines
  • The product cannot be returned

4. Universal Power Group 12v 1000Ah Deep Cycle Battery

If you are on the lookout for a deep cycle battery suitable for your recreational vehicles, then Universal Power Group 12v 1000Ah Solar Wind AGM SLA Deep Cycle VRLA Battery is a good choice to make. This battery is an RV battery with heavy-duty built and also a solid performance.

It can be relied upon to power your travel trailers, boats, and motorhomes; this makes it a product of versatile use for people with RV products. It is also ideal for use in airports, health care facilities, for solar panel applications and other places in need of deep cycle batteries.

It has an impressive storage capacity of 100Amp per hour with a long lifespan which enables you to save tons of money. It functions with an AGM technology; this only means the battery will even last longer than expected. It can be quickly recharged and will discharge only about 3% of its storage capacity and this is only when it’s left unused for about one month. This feature makes it an efficient and dependable battery.


  • It features maintenance-free AGM technology
  • It is ideal for deep cycle battery
  • Heavy-duty and made with solid materials
  • It discharges only 35 of its capacity when left unused for a long time


  • It is heavy
  • It has a short stainless steel hardware

5. Interstate Batteries DCM0035 Sealed Lead Acid Deep Cycle Battery

This battery can work for a long time without breaking; therefore it offers you reliable power needed for lighting, mobility, medical and agricultural devices. It is sealed hence it can be used in any position without worrying about its operation. It is also maintenance-free; thus you don’t have to worry about spills as well as leaks while using the battery.

Interstate Batteries DCM0035 Sealed Lead Acid (AGM) Deep Cycle Battery can withstand extreme temperature and also all types of weather conditions. It can also withstand vibrations and shock and can be installed in any position. It does not require topping with water to check its specific gravity during its float life.

Also, this product is impressive for its versatility as well as its power storage. This quality ensures that you have a convenient power source to run your appliances and electronic devices. It can be used for all types of transportation including air, water, and land.


  • It is a maintenance-free battery
  • It has a sealed design
  • It is safe for marine, RV and other forms of transportation
  • It is reliable and dependable


  • It is not ideal for golf cart
  • It is not so durable

6. Optima Batteries 8016-103 D34M Deep Cycle Marine Battery

This product features a solid performance. It has a dual function; one of which is that it’s a starting battery while also being a deep cycle battery. It is especially ideal for RV owners in search of maintenance-free batteries as this product does not spill or leak since it contained in a well-sealed house. You also don't need to worry about the breakdown of the battery caused by constant vibrations and shocks common with recreational vehicles.

Even during harsh weather conditions, Optima Batteries 8016-103 D34M BlueTop Starting and Deep Cycle Marine Battery can be relied on. It has a SpiralCell design along with lead plates; these features make it a heavy-duty battery, makes it last longer while also making it efficient. It provides you with constant power while also remaining safe and strong for your rig. It has an excellent starting power which also adds to its efficiency.

Furthermore, the battery is fifteen times more resistant to vibrations and impacts than many other batteries. It recharges fast and has a solid build. It is also versatile enough to be used for other applications such as back up for power source, solar panels, and other off-grid systems.


  • It is a dual-purpose battery
  • Has a unique design and is portable
  • Resistant to vibrations and impacts
  • Recharges quickly and has a top reserve capacity


  • The housing is prone to damage
  • It does not charge completely

7. WindyNation 100 amp-Hour 100AH 12V AGM Deep Cycle Sealed Lead Acid Battery

WindyNation 100 amp-Hour 100AH 12V AGM Deep Cycle Sealed Lead Acid Battery is yet another product that made it to our list and it’s for a good reason. This battery is well suited for recreational vehicles and also for solar charging. It is completely sealed, hence you are sure it won’t spill or leak.

There is also a low chance that there will be the emission of fumes. Another advantage of this lead-acid battery is that it requires very minimal maintenance. It is contained in a durable ABS plastic material hence ensuring its durable while also ensuring it has only a minimal discharge.

We like that it can be bought at a reasonable price. It can be used to build a bank containing multiple batteries laid in parallel; this enhances the capacity of the battery. It can be relied on to handle all off-grid applications. The battery has heavy-duty plates which provide you with repetitive and deep discharge.


  • It is ideal for solar charging and recreational vehicles
  • It is completely sealed, hence it won’t spill or leak
  • It is suitable for all off-grid applications
  • Has a solid build and is durable


  • It has short hub terminals
  • Not very durable

8. ODYSSEY PC925 Automotive and LTV Battery

We round off our list with the ODYSSEY PC925 Automotive and LTV Battery. One thing that stands out for this product is its rugged construction. It is also sturdy therefore it can handle repeated pounding and can also withstand harsh weather conditions. It’s also pleasing to note that it has a non-spillable AGM design. It is packed tightly with authentic lead plates which ensure it can withstand shocks and vibrations; this lead design also increases the power being supplied to the battery.

Another feature we love about this battery is its long cycle of life. What this means is that it’s able to last longer than other regular deep cycle batteries. It is durable as well and has a stable voltage. This battery will recharge fast and is flexible enough to be mounted in any position of your choice. 

It can resist vibrations therefore it is well protected against shock and mechanical vibrations while also being able to withstand high temperatures. With a long service life that spans from three to ten years, this product will not only serve your needs but will do so for a long time.


  • It has a rugged and sturdy construction
  • Ability to withstand shocks, impacts, and vibrations
  • It is flexible and can be mounted in several positions
  • It recharges quickly


  • It lacks technical support
  • Does not hold its charge for a long time

Why You Should Trust Us on this Guide?

Our basic focus is to become a source of reliable information on RV information as well as give you a detailed guide on the products available. We are here to help you make the best choices with regards to gears, equipment, supplies and other accessories that are needed to help your RV life.

We have a team of experienced reviewers whose sole responsibility is to research on the products available and determine those good enough to be recommended. We are not just regular outdoor enthusiasts but consumers like you too with the hope of making the most of our investment. It is, for this reason, we have put together this website where we get to share our deep knowledge and also experience with the society so that everyone can make an informed decision when it comes to buying gears, appliances, batteries and other devices suitable for recreational vehicles.

With the aid of this guide, we hope that you can compare and contrast and finally come up with the best choice of RV battery.

Types of RV Batteries

To facilitate a good choice with regards to batteries, there is a need to know the different types of these batteries that are available. It is also important to know what your rig requires. Generally, RV batteries are preferable because they can deal with repetitive deep recharging and discharging.

You may also want to consider lithium-ion batteries as they are not only reliable but lightweight too. It can deliver constant power and serve as power storage. Its storage capacity is, however, dependent on its weight and size. There is also the AGM, flooded cell batteries as well as gel battery.

Flooded Battery

For flooded battery, though available at a low price, it’s also a good source of power. However, it falls under the wet cells group which requires both regular and periodic cycling of recharging and discharging. It will require more maintenance during hot temperatures and also regular terminal cleaning as well.

Gel Battery

Gel battery, on the other hand, does not require as much maintenance as a flooded battery. It is also more long-lasting than flooded batteries. This type of battery is characterized by jelled electrolytes; this is to prevent spilling even when tipped. It also has a deep cycle type that can be mounted on its side, this is well recognized for its fiberglass matting which is around the lead plates. It also features matting that works well when soaked in an electrolyte.

Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM)

AGM battery is the most expensive but also the most durable and maintenance-free battery. Hence, you may want to consider this battery if you are in search of a product that’s durable and maintenance-free.

How to Pick the Best RV Battery?

To ensure you select the best RV battery, some factors must be considered. Some of these factors include:

The capacity of the Battery:

This is the amount of current a battery can deliver over a certain period. For instance, a battery with a capacity of 100Ah is capable of delivering 100A of current for an hour. Therefore, when buying a battery, it is important to look out for one with a high capacity.

Depth of Discharge

This is also another important factor to consider when purchasing a battery. The depth of discharge is always represented in percentage and shows the exact amount of power being discharged by the battery.

If you plan on purchasing a lead-acid battery, then it’s important to note that the life cycle and the depth of the discharge are similar. Generally, it should be noted that the deeper the individual cycles, the fewer cycles the battery will provide.

Hence, it is important that while looking for an ideal RV battery to purchase, you go for one with a depth of discharge that can optimize its life cycle when adhered to strictly.

Charging Mode

It is also important to take note of how the RV battery is charging. Questions like will you be using a generator, a shore power, or solar power when charging your battery should be asked and answered.

While it’s ok to combine the three sources, you can also decide to use a charge controller or a smart charger if you do not have any of the power sources mentioned above. This device allows you to use a charging profile depending on the type of battery purchased. This, therefore, enables you supply the right amount of charge and at the right time too.

That’s not all, the charge controller also helps to adjust the voltage and current and since this is done automatically, your battery is always protected and is also possible regardless of the power source.

Build of Battery

It is also important to check out the sturdiness and build of the battery you intend to purchase. Without a rugged build, the battery will collapse before time as it won’t be able to withstand the vibrations and shocks it will be subjected to.

Hence, go for a battery with shock-resistant abilities and also one with the ability to withstand vibrations else you may spend money on repairs.

How to Charge a Deep Cycle Battery Properly?

There are different ways by which deep cycle batteries can be charged. Some of the charging methods include:

Charging with Solar Panels: In this method, the battery is simply connected to a solar panel. However, before using this charging method, it is important to take note of the number of times it would take the solar panel to charge the battery. It is also important to check out the right wattage for the charger, but it will be advisable to use a charge controller to cut off further charging once the battery is full.

Charging with Generator: It is advisable to charge the generator fully before using it to recharge your battery. In recharging your battery, it’s important to determine the exact battery location to check if there are cracks or bulges. If there are none, then reconnect the RV battery. Ensure all appliances are unplugged; this will maximize and also shorten the charging time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long do RV batteries last?

A: We cannot give a definite answer to this as the lifespan of batteries differ from one battery to the other regardless of where it's purchased from. This is because the lifespan of a battery is mostly dependent on usage and maintenance. Nonetheless, you should read through the instructions on the manual and follow through to ensure your battery lasts as long as possible.

Q: Does RV battery charge while driving?

A: Yes it does. It's easy to charge an RV battery while driving. However, you must ensure that some factors have been met first. This includes the availability of cables, plugs and a voltage-controlled relay.

To charge RV battery while driving, prepare the VCR to begin the process. The VCR will disconnect and thereafter parallel the auxiliary. Depending on the current level, the VCR will then close the relay and then make your truck as well as your rig to be parallel. Once done, it will open the relay when the vehicle’s engine is put on.

Q: Do RV batteries charge when plugged into shore power?

A: Yes it does. With the camper hooked to the shore power, it will automatically begin to charge the RV battery while also running your electrical appliances at the same time. This is done by sending power from the converter/inverter which then transports the power to the 12v batteries. It also sends it to the 120 VAC breaker panel.

Q: How long will a deep cycle battery run a TV?

A: A 100 amp-hour deep cycle battery with an inverter is capable of powering a large TV of 50-watt for up to six hours and one minute. It is also capable of powering a 20-watt TV for about fifty-six hours (just until the battery is fully discharged).

Q: How long can an inverter run a deep cycle battery?

A: When an inverter is being operated with a deep cycle battery, turn on the engine every thirty to sixty minutes then let it run for about ten minutes to recharge the battery.


Having reviewed the best products and answered some pressing questions you may have with regards to RV batteries, we hope that this article has been able to help you make informed decisions.

Don’t get stranded by the roadside when the one of the Best RV Battery from this article can take away that worry. Go ahead and make your choice, you will be glad you did.

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