7 Best RV GPS Reviews 2020 – Updated Ranking

As an RV owner, you need a GPS specially designed for an RV. Here, we will be giving you the necessary information you need on these devices. We will also be reviewing some of the best RV GPS here. Just continue reading and we are sure you will learn a lot from it.

7 Best RV GPS Reviews In the Market 2020

You might want to choose an RV GPS for yourself but the problem is; there are thousands of them out there. However, we will be helping you to make your decision easier by reviewing 7 of the best RV GPS. Read them below and make your choice based on your preference.

1. Garmin RV 785 & Traffic, Advanced GPS Navigator For RVs - Editor's Top Pick

The first RV GPS on our list is the Garmin RV 785 & Traffic Advanced GPS Navigator. One of the major reasons this GPS made it to our list is because it is made by a reputable Company called Garmin. This company is widely known for making quality GPS and we couldn’t help but check out their products. This is an advanced model and it comes with a large HD display screen that is 7 inches wide. With this GPS, you will be able to see all the necessary information on the GPS at a glance.

Also, we like the fact that the GPS comes with a dash camera. With this dash camera, you'll be able to record everything that goes on in the RV. Again, the GPS is an advanced GPS and it comes with the latest maps you need to move around. Not only that, it has all the necessary software updates you will need. And this is because it is an advanced GPS. Besides, this means the GPS comes with a large record of RV Park and service directories. It also features contents from services like TripAdvisor, PlanRV, etc.

Furthermore, you can connect the GPS with your phone. In light of this, you can make calls hands free hereby giving you a safer driving experience. It also comes with voice-activated GPS which makes navigation on the road easier. Again, it also has some other features like custom routing and road warnings to alarm you of the topography of the road. It also has inbuilt wifi. Finally, if you can ignore the high cost of this device, we assure you that this is one GPS you will enjoy.


  • It comes with a dashcam
  • It has a large high-resolution screen
  • It has voice activation
  • Inbuilt wifi
  • It has a road warning feature


  • It is expensive

2. Garmin RV 770 NA LMT-S Advanced Navigation For RVs And Towable Trailers

The Garmin RV 770 NA LMT-S Advanced Navigation GPS is another amazing option for RV owners and towable trailers. First, this is an extremely light GPS which makes it easier to carry around. The reason lightweight GPS devices are a plus is if you want to use them in multiple vehicles. It also has a large high-resolution screen with a size of 6.95" angle to angle display. Because of this screen, you will be able to read all the information on the screen with ease.

Furthermore, it gives you real-time warnings about the road you are plying. You will get details of bridge limits, heights and many more. In light of this, you will become safer while driving your RV. Again, it also has a custom routing feature that adjusts itself based on how your RV is built. Besides, it has an extensive, up to date map which means there is nowhere you want to go that it won't lead you there. This GPS also has some amazing directories that show you all the coolest parks and spots. 

Also, it has Bluetooth which allows you to connect the GPS with your phone. In light of this, you can make calls hands free. It also has voice-activated navigation which we can all agree is cool. Moreover, you can also access live traffic and get a weather report on this phone. All you have to do is to download the smartphone link app for free on your phone.


  • It has voice-activated navigatio
  • It has route warnings and easy route shaping
  • It has an extensive map
  • It has an extensive directory for cool parks
  • You can connect it with your phone


  • It takes time to install

3. Garmin RV 760LMT Portable GPS Navigator

Garmin RV 760LMT Portable GPS Navigator is another GPS from the Garmin Company we couldn’t help but add to this list. It has a large 7" high-resolution touchscreen display of 800 by 480 pixels. As we all know, touchscreen GPSs are easier to uses than those with buttons. Also, this GPS has an amazing colour display and you are sure to see all the information on it better. Also, this is a portable GPS which makes it easy to carry around. Again, if you are looking for a GPS that is easy to operate, this is the one.

Furthermore, it has an extensive directory of services and parks. Besides, the list of parks and RV services it has is up to 20,000. Again, based on functionality, this is one of the best GPS you can get. This is because it is capable of giving you better alternative routes in case there is traffic or road blockage. Also, you can connect the device to your mobile phones using Bluetooth. Moreover, you can connect the GPS to both androids and iOS phones.

It also has a voice navigation system that lets you instruct your device by voice. Also, it has a free lifetime map that is up to date. Again, we like its special RV routing feature as it gives information based on the specification of the RV. It also warns you if your RV is at risk of coming across the wind, sloppy roads and steep roads.


  • It has a wide display screen
  • It has Bluetooth
  • It has up to 20,000 lists for the best parks and RV services
  • It has a traffic receiver


  • The battery doesn’t last long

4. TomTom VIA 1605M GPS Navigator With Lifetime Maps

One of the criteria for picking the best RV GPS on this list is the reputation of the company. And the TomTom Company also fits this bill as the Company has a history of producing quality products. The TomTom VIA 1605 GPS Navigator is one good product from them. This GPS device has lifetime maps installed in it and it just switches up by itself whenever you are on a different route. Besides, the GPS map can cover the whole of Mexico, Canada and the USA.

Furthermore, it is a 6 inched GPS which we can agree it is small compared to other GPS on our list. But this doesn’t mean you will find it hard to read the GPS. Another great feature from this device is its map share technology. It also has an IQ route feature that brings up the routes that will get you to your location faster. Also, this IQ route feature is very accurate and you should not worry about getting lost.

Again, it has a split-screen feature that lets you see two views at the same time. With this feature, you can be viewing a map to your destination and also be seeing a list of directories. Not to mention, it has an expansive list of directories which shows the best shops, hotels, restaurants, etc. Also, it comes with an integrated mount which makes the installation process easy. With this mount, all you need to do is to stick it on your windshield. Finally, we do not like that it doesn't have Bluetooth function.


  • It has a split-screen feature
  • It comes with a lifetime map
  • It has an IQ route feature
  • It is easy to install


  • No Bluetooth

5. Garmin Dezl 770LMTHD Truck GPS Navigator

You might be wondering why Garmin products are much on our list. Well, the answer is simple- they have quality products. The Garmin Dezl 770LMTHD Truck GPS Navigator is even one of their best products. It comes with a lifetime map for the whole of North America. This means regardless of where you are in North America, you are sure to get directions to anywhere you are going. Also, it comes with a traffic update which helps you navigate through heavy traffic

Furthermore, it has a cool list of directories for all the places you might need. These places include mechanic shops, diners, restaurants, pubs, libraries, etc. Again, it has an editable function that lets you adjust the settings of the route of the RV based on what it weighs and how big it is. It also has a logging feature and the major work of this feature is to show how long you might have spent maintaining the RV. This logging feature of the GPS also records the date and how many mileage it has gone

We also like that it is portable and easy to install. However it is expensive but, if you do not care about spending extra money, you should consider this GPS device because it has all you need.


  • It has a widescreen
  • It is portable and easy to install
  • It has a traffic update feature
  • It allows logging


  • Expensive

6. TomTom VIA 1625M 6-Inch GPS Navigation Device

The TomTom VIA 1625M 6-inch GPS Navigation Device is another RV GPS which we like. First, it has a clear, high-resolution screen. Besides, you won't even notice its screen size is only 6 inches. Also, it is easy to operate and this is partly because it has a touch screen system. Again, the GPS has a lifetime map and all you need to do is to update the maps at any time for free.

Moreover, the map it has is that of the whole North America which is; Mexico, USA and Canada. Furthermore, it has a split-screen function that lets you see two different views simultaneously. Also, the device has an advanced lane guidance feature that ensures you never miss any direction in your RV. Besides, the GPS is capable of barking out instructions to you in over 30 languages which we can all agree is very cool.


  • You get a lifetime map
  • The map covers the whole of North America
  • It has a split-screen function
  • The GPS gives directions in over 30 languages


  • Screen is small

7. Garmin RV 760LMT with Wireless Backup Camera

The Garmin RV 760LMT With Wireless Backup Camera is truly an amazing GPS every RV owner should own. It has a large 7 inches display with high resolution. This GPS also has a touchscreen which makes it easier to operate. We also like that it has lifetime maps that won't be affected by the change of environment. Regardless of the roads being built or demolished, you are sure to see these developments on the app.

It also has a customized RV routing. This feature lets you input the different specifications of the RV. In light of this, the GPS will tell you which roads or bridges are bad or which ones to avoid. With its voice-activated navigation system, you will find navigation a lot easier and more fun. Besides, the GPS also barks out direction like you are speaking with a long-time buddy. 

Furthermore, we find its backup camera interesting because it can transmit images from up to 40ft away. With this, you get to see what is in front of you before even getting there. However, you might need to employ a professional to help you install this GPS.


  • It has a lifetime map
  • It has an inbuilt camera
  • It has a voice-activated navigation system
  • You can customize its RV routing


  • It is not easy to install

Why You Should Trust Us On This Guide?

Here, anything relating to RV is our forte because we are passionate about giving useful information to RV owners to make their RV experience better. A guide on RV GPS is no different because it will help the RV user navigate better.

What Is An RV GPS?

GPS is a device used by vehicle owners to find their way. The GPS was designed to replace the traditional maps which people use to locate places. Besides, the GPS gives you a lifetime map of the area the manufacturers designed it to cover. Moreover, GPS does more than giving directions because some can tell the weather too.

Why Is RV GPS Important?

Since you now know what an RV GPS is, the question is; why is it important? Why should you invest in one? Well, that is why we are here. Below are some of the things you stand to gain by using an RV GPS.

Helps You Avoid Traffic

One of the major importance of using a GPS is that a GPS assistant will notify you if there’s traffic on the route you are on. This will help you save precious time on the road. Besides, this is particularly useful for an RV user because spending a lot of time stuck in traffic can be upsetting.

Identifies Great Spots

One of the things that makes an RV experience fun is the different spots you stop by while on the road. An RV GPS can help in bringing up great spots like diners and pubs you might not find on your own. Besides, the GPS can help to differentiate the better diners and pubs from the sub-par ones.

Helps You Find Your Way

This is the most important advantage of using a GPS device. With this device, regardless of where you are, it will direct you to your preferred location. Besides, it can also show you alternative routes and you can choose to go through the one you prefer.

How To Choose The Best RV GPS?

Choosing the best RV GPS is not difficult if you know what to look out for. Here, we will be writing on how to choose the best RV GPS.

GPS Screen

The first thing you should consider is the size of the GPS screen. The bigger the screen size, the easier it is to read the information on the GPS device. Besides, you should go GPS with a screen size of at least 5 inches. But, a 7-inched GPS screen remains the ideal size but this will come at a high price. Another reason you should go for an RV GPS with a big screen is to avoid straining your eyes.

Again, when the screen is large, the on-screen buttons will also be larger which makes it easy to input information in the device. However, do not let the screen to be too big as this can divide your attention while driving.

Bluetooth And Wifi Technology

A GPS device with inbuilt technology offers a range of functions. First, Bluetooth improves the performance of GPS. Also, you can use Bluetooth to connect the GPS with your phone. With this, you can perform actions on your phone from the GPS device. Besides, you can even make calls because of the Bluetooth present in the GPS device. Also, if your device can connect with wifi, you can get important information like weather report with the GPS.

Predictive Data Entry

Another important feature you should consider is the ‘Predictive Data Entry Feature’. What this feature does is to bring up related addresses of where you are heading to before even typing the full address. For instance, if you are going to Alabama, putting in ‘Ala' might bring a pop up of Alabama. This makes it easier to search for addresses on GPS.

Ease Of Installation

Another factor you should consider when choosing an RV GPS is how easy it is to install. You need to check how you'll mount the GPS device. It is advisable to go for RV GPS with a suction cup and windshield mount. Also, a GPS with a strong and steady arm is recommended. This is to ensure that the GPS stays in place when you are using it. Besides, there are some GPSs with gooseneck arms. We will advise you not to go for those.

Ease Of Use

Nobody wants a device that’s difficult to operate. GPS devices with touch screen controls are easier to use than those with buttons. Also, if possible, check for the device’s load time. You do not want a GPS that takes all the time in the world to come up with a search request.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the answers to the frequently asked questions on RV GPS

What GPS app should I use for RV?

A:In our opinion, the CoPilot RV app is the best GPS app you can use.

How to update a Garmin RV GPS?

A: First, you get your computer and log on to www.garmin.com/express and download the software for yourself. After downloading, open the software and follow the instructions on the screen. Next, you start the Garmin express app and connect your GPS with your computer using a USB. The next step is to click on 'add device' to register your GPS device. Finally, you select an installation option.

How to put a GPS on a backup camera in RV?

A: First you find the video input on the cradle. Then you plug in your cable leaving the end with the ‘composite in’. Next, you get your camera and plug in the video out cable. The only cable you need from the camera is the yellow one. The next step is to take the other end of the diesel cable and plug it with the yellow cable from the camera.

How to convert an RV GPS to a truck GPS?

A: First, you open the settings icon on your GPS and click on the truck profile icon on the device. From the truck profile page, you will see the option to switch between RV GPS and truck GPS.


Coming to the end of this article, we can confidently say we’ve given you enough information to get the best RV GPS. We reviewed some of the best GPS you'll ever find and we are assuring you that we did in-depth research on each GPS that made it to our list. However, from the seven RV GPS on our list, the Garmin RV 785 & Traffic Advanced GPS Navigator stood out. This is due to its inbuilt dash cam, it high screen resolution and road warning feature among others. Finally, we’ll like to thank you for taking the time out to read this article and we hope this page becomes your one-stop page for RV related articles.

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