Man Holding Cell Phone

Getting the Most Out of Your Cell Phone on the Road

Hard as it may have been to believe 20 years ago, pretty much everyone today has a cell phone. The type of device may vary from person to person with respect to brand, look, operating system and features, but virtually everyone over the age of 13 has a mobile device close at hand. It’s rare today to see a group of people sitting at a café, bar or restaurant without at least three or four of those little boxes laid out on the table.

There’s a good reason for this. Those little boxes are a lot more than a way to call a friend. Every smartphone today is a powerful computer that can do things a roomful of computers couldn’t do just a few decades ago. One of the ways this miraculous technology is most useful is when you’re on the road.

Cell Phones and RVs

The RV lifestyle is a fun one, but it comes with some uncertainty. You’re separated from the nest, and everything you need you bring with you as you navigate the open road. Your cell phone can make being out in the world a little less alienating. In addition to the security knowing that you can call someone for help in case of an emergency, a good smartphone also provides:

1. GPS/Maps

Gone are the days when you had to fold out a map the size of your torso and awkwardly try to tame it in order to plot your route. Today’s cell phones almost invariably have some kind of GPS system. A GPS for your RV can tell you exactly where you are, and a map application can show you the best way to get where you’re going. On some GPS models, such as the Rand McNally 7730LM, you can use a mobile hotspot from your smartphone to connect the GPS unit. This connection can provide the latest weather and gas prices information right at your fingertips!

2. Tourism Info

Want to do a little sightseeing but not sure what the best tourist sites are in the area you’re driving through? A quick Internet search can tell you about all the historic landmarks nearby, as well as offer reviews of local restaurants and attractions from people who have already tried them.

3. Convenient Applications

If you’ve stopped for the night but need to get around, either inside or outside the RV, you can use your cell phone as a flashlight. You can even download a flashlight application for more power and control over your cell phone’s light. If you need to wake up at a certain time, no need for a separate alarm clock. You can just use your phone’s alarm clock to wake you using music or a variety of sounds. Radio not playing the music you like? You can download your favorite hits to your phone.

Cell Phone Booster for Your RV

The cell phone truly is the perfect accompaniment to RV living. But if you can’t get a signal, it can be frustrating. It’s ironic that the times you need your cell phone’s reception the most is often when it’s least available. Unless, that is, you come prepared with a cell phone booster. Cell phone boosters for your RV can help make sure you have your cell phone’s best advantages when you need them, without having to worry about spotty, slow or no coverage at all. offers one of the top cell phone boosters for RV users, the Maximum Signal 5 Band RV Wireless Cellular Booster Kit Max-AmpMobileRV. This cell phone booster is a real boon to RV users because it:

  • Installs quickly and easily
  • Can cover an entire 53-foot RV
  • Detects signals your cellular device wouldn’t normally get
  • Allows you to get the full level of data speed that your carrier provides

This cell phone booster is also great for families, since it works with all devices and on multiple carriers simultaneously. If you’ve got a different service than someone traveling with you, you’ll all be able to stay connected.

Being on the road, away from civilization, off the grid, can be a great feeling of freedom. It’s sometimes nice to be unreachable and to know you don’t need to rely on technology to get by.

But that doesn’t mean you have to give up convenience and safety for you and your family. Bring along your cell phones on your next RV trip, along with a powerful cell phone booster. You can always turn off your cell phones when you want to immerse yourself in the real world, but it’s nice to know they’re close by in case you need assistance, directions or a little help planning the next stage of your journey.