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How to Keep Your RV Cool in the Summer Heat?

RV living can be a lot of fun, and it’s a lot more fun when it’s comfortable. During the summer, when things get hot, maintaining that comfort can sometimes be a challenge. Your RV is essentially a giant tin can left out in the sun when things get hot, and keeping your RV cool in the summer is going to be an issue if you drive your RV through warmer climates.

Fortunately, there are many steps you can take to keep the heat down in your RV so you can enjoy the summer no matter where you roam. Here are some useful tips for how to keep cool in your RV during those hot summer months.

Follow the Weather

If you’ve got a firm itinerary, you need to follow it, even if the weather is not going to cooperate. If you have some flexibility in your schedule, however, plan for the weather. Map out the places you plan to go and see when the weather is hottest in those locations.

Plan your travels so you schedule your hottest destinations for the cooler months and reserve the height of summer for travel to more generally temperate locations. Sometimes the weather will play tricks on you and hit you with a sudden heat wave. If this happens, you’ll be prepared with the tips below. Much of the time, however, if you plan your trip right, you can avoid the most unpleasant weather extremes.

Parking Your RV

It’s easier to keep your RV cool when it starts out cool. Be smart when parking your RV and take the time to look for the shadiest spot possible when parking. When you do find your parking spot, open the windows on the shady side and cover the outside of the windows on the sunny side to block heat and allow cool air in.

Maximize Air Flow

Moving air keeps you cooler while still air can make you really hot. Just opening all the windows will probably not do the job. Use a ceiling fan to pull hot air out of the RV and allow cooler air to flow in. Remember that hot air rises.


People normally think of insulation as something you put on your home, but insulation can have the same effect on your RV. The goal of insulation is to provide a barrier against heat transfer, so putting insulation up in your RV can prevent that hot air from getting in and stops cool air from escaping when you have the air conditioner running, keeping you cooler and saving you on energy costs.

Cool Yourself

If you keep yourself cool, your RV won’t have to work as hard to keep you cool. Make sure the clothes you do wear are light, cooler fabrics. Keep sponges and towels on hand and use them to wet yourself down. Not only will this get the uncomfortable sweat off your body, but as the heat evaporates the water on your skin, it will have a cooling effect.

Sleep Comfortably

It can be difficult to get to sleep in the summer heat. Make sure your sleeping areas are located near open windows so you can get the maximum effect of evening breezes during nighttime hours.

Cook Outside

If you’ve got a fully equipped kitchen in your RV, it’s tempting to use it. But in the summer months, that means raising the interior temperature of your vehicle, which is what you are trying to avoid. Bust out that grill and take advantage of the warm weather by cooking your meals outside the RV whenever you can.

Following the steps above will allow you to keep cool when you’re in a situation where you cannot get power to your AC or to minimize the strain on your AC when it’s available so you can reduce energy costs and save it for when you really need it, like at the height of the midday sun.

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