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RV Cell Phone Booster Kits Explained

These days, we rely on our cell phones more than ever. For RV owners, this comes with a certain amount of irony. The further off the beaten path you stray, the worse your cell reception gets – and yet, the more important it is to have a working phone than can provide GPS, communication and safety. Even when traveling on main roads, poor reception can be a major frustration.

For too long, RV owners have accepted shaky cell signals as one of the realities of life on the road. Previous generation cell phone booster kits rarely lived up to their promise. However, a new generation of technology has recently come on the market. Today’s cell phone boosters are more reliable, easier to use and, most importantly, more effective than ever before. Here’s what you need to know about how they work.

What Causes Bad Reception?

Being on the road in an RV creates a perfect storm of factors that can compromise the strength of your cell signal.

Common causes of bad reception for cell signals include:

  • Being constantly on the move means you never know where the nearest cell tower is. The further away you are from a tower, the weaker your cell signal will be.
  • Being on the highway means you are constantly surrounded by things that can cause interference, such as trees, billboards and tall buildings. When physical objects are blocking your signal, there’s less likelihood of getting connected, even when you’re near a cell tower.
  • Being inside a large, insulated vehicle made of metal and glass provides an additional layer of interference. If the signal leaving your vehicle is weakened, it may struggle to reach a tower, even if there are no other objects in its way.

Any or all of these factors can lead to dropped calls, slow internet, missed text messages, poor voice quality and a number of other problems.

How a Cell Phone Booster Kit Works?

Cell phone signal boosters work exactly as the name implies – they take the signal coming from your cell phone and amplify it. In the case of boosters for RV use, this is done by connecting a pair of antennas to a base unit. One antenna, placed in the RV, picks up the signal from your phone and sends it to the base unit. From the base unit, the signal is amplified and sent to a second antenna, mounted outside your vehicle. The external antenna then sends the amplified signal to the nearest cell tower.

RV cell phone boosters work because most phones today are limited in the strength of the signal they produce. Because cell towers are so prevalent in urban and suburban areas, manufacturers have been gradually reducing the power of the antennas in their phones. While this is fine in most parts of the country, when you’re on the road it’s a difference you’ll notice right away. Installing a cell phone booster kit in your RV gives your signal the boost it needs to withstand the rigors of the road – an important benefit that will help you stay connected no matter where in the world you are.

Introducing the MAX-AMP MOBILE 5 Band Wireless 4G/LTE Cellular RV Amplifier

Designed specifically for RV use, the MAX-AMP MOBILE RV amplifier is an advanced cell phone signal booster designed to keep you connected while on the road.

One of the most sophisticated products on the market today, the Max Amp will instantly provide crystal-clear reception, lightning-fast data and more reliable connectivity in any RV. Key features and benefits include:

  • Patent-pending five-band wireless technology that works with all 3G, 4G and voice networks, as well as upcoming 5G technology
  • An industry-leading range with no dead zones, no matter how big your RV is
  • Industry leading sensitivity – The Max Amp has more than 16 times more sensitivity than other boosters and cell phones
  • Takes weak and “dirty” signal and “cleans” it before amplifying it. This results in higher data speeds and fewer voice drop outs.
  • Seamless support for up to eight connections at a time – even if those devices use different carriers
  • Reduced Antenna Separation Software (RASS) that minimizes antenna separation, so there’s no dropoff in strength
  • Fully automatic performance that requires no adjustments or calibration
  • Built-in compliance with all current FCC/IC carrier requirements
  • A one-year warranty covering all manufacturer’s defects
  • USA-made quality you can trust to last for years to come

The cell phone booster kit includes both the Max Amp Mobile RV amplifier, as well as a set of internal and external antennas, and all connections you need to install the unit on your RV. For more information, visit the product website or contact TVForMyRV today!

The Max Amp Mobile RV system works where other phones and systems simply don’t function!  Stay Connected!

Frequently Asked Questions

Thinking of adding a cell phone booster kit to your RV? Here are some of the questions we receive most frequently from our customers.

Will a cell phone booster work with my carrier?

Our cell phone signal booster kit is designed to work out-of-the-box with all U.S. carriers. However, it’s always best to confirm with your carrier that the use of a booster device is allowed under their policies and most carriers have a process to register your booster on their network.

How is the cell phone booster powered?

The Max Amp Mobile Amplifier features a mini-USB adapter that can be connected to either a standard 110V or 12V auxiliary power outlet. The antennas require no external power sources.

Does the cell phone boost work on Wi-Fi signals, too?

Unfortunately, the Max Amp Mobile RV Amplifier only works with cellphone voice and data signals. If you’re using your phone over Wi-Fi at a park or campsite, you won’t experience any improvement in performance using a cell signal booster.

Does an RV cell phone signal booster need to be installed by a professional?

The system is “Plug and Play” no electronics knowledge or programming is required. To make a permanent installation, you will need to route the antenna cables from the roof to the amplifier and from the amplifier to the indoor antenna.

Where is the best place to put the interior antenna?

The Max Amp Mobile RV Amplifier is powerful enough to easily pick up any signal in an RV of 53 feet or longer. For the best performance, place it at a high point, near the middle of the RV, with at least 12 feet of horizontal separation and 2 feet of vertical separation between the antennas. If you mount the antennas oriented in the instructions, the 2 feet of vertical separation is not required, only the 12 feet of horizontal separation.

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