Portable Satellite Antennas for RV

Are you tired of having to deal with a cumbersome satellite system in order to watch your favorite TV shows in your motorhome? Then you owe it to yourself to explore the wonderful world of portable RV satellite antennas.

Portable satellite dish antenna technology has seen remarkable changes in recent years. Portable satellite antennas for motorhomes now feature a level of quality that is comparable to rooftop antenna systems.

Benefits of Portable Satellite Antennas for RV and Motorhome Owners

Perhaps the greatest advantage of a portable satellite antenna system is that it offers more convenience and flexibility. For instance, because the dish and antenna do not need to be attached to the roof of your vehicle, you’ll be able to enjoy the shade from parking under trees. However, you’ll still have the flexibility to mount the antenna to your roof if you prefer. And in many cases, portable RV satellite antennas are less expensive than their roof-mounted counterparts.

TVforMyRV.com: Your Headquarters for Portable RV Satellite Antennas

Here at TVforMyRV.com, you’ll find a wide selection of the most technologically advanced portable satellite antennas for motorhome and RV use. With products like the Pathway Dish from Winegard, every RV or motorhome owner can “have a convenient and affordable” portable satellite antenna. Winegard has been at the forefront of RV satellite design and engineering for many years, producing more than 1,000 satellite models and receiving 67 patents to date.

Now it’s time to look to the next generation of portable satellite antennas.

Winegard Carryout G2 for DirecTV

The Winegard Carryout G2 offers the advantage of full automation without the need for remotes. This state-of-the-art portable RV satellite antenna system features quick assembly and easy connection via a power and coax cables. While the Carryout G2 is pre-set for DirecTV, it can be changed over to other satellite networks with ease.

Winegard Pathway for Dish Network

The Winegard Pathway, the Pathway X2 the brand new Pathway X1 have taken convenience, ease of use, and performance to a new level.

For Dish network users, the Pathway X2 and X1 provide the highest performance, and ease of use in the industry.

Winegard Pathway X2

The X2 with its larger reflector and totally automatic operation when combined with the Dish Network Mobile Protocol receivers like the VIP211K and VIP211Z give Dish network users multi receiver operations even in the Northeast Us where previous portable antennas could not provide HD signals. The X2 is fully compatible with both the Eastern and Western arc Dish Network satellite arrays.

Winegard Pathway X1

If you want the smallest and lightest portable satellite antenna available, then the Winegard X1 is for you. Single wire totally automatic operation is what makes the X1 shine. The X1 is programmed to use the standard Western Arc and provides phenomenal performance with a single satellite receiver.

Optional Roof Mount Kit

Additionally, the Pathway X1 has a roof mounting kit available so you can permanently mount the X1 to your RV roof if you want to.

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