7 Upgrades You Must Do to Your RV Before Traveling This Summer

Spring is an exciting time for an RV owner. We all dream of getting back out on the open road with our RVs. Whether you’re returning to the campground you’ve known and loved for years, or zig zagging across multiple states to explore more of our great country, you want your RV to be a comfortable and enjoyable part of your journey. Here at TVForMyRV we have brought together a huge catalog of parts and upgrades for your RV. For this coming RV season, we wanted to share 7 upgrades you must do to your RV before travelling this summer. They’ll make all your RV adventures more exciting and relaxed for you and your family.

RV TV Mounting Brackets

On a cool evening or rainy afternoon, it’s nice to have a TV to help pass the time. It allows you and your family to enjoy your favorite videos, and check out the local news and weather reports. Not all RVs, especially older ones, are designed to accommodate a flat-screen TV. We carry many different types of mounts, including wall mount, articulated, tilting, swivel, and sliding. Depending on the size and layout of your RV, you will want the flexibility to mount your TV as you like for maximum viewing comfort. Save space and add convenience with an RV TV mount.

Sliding Cargo Trays

The whole point of an RV is to combine the comforts of home with the ease of travelling when and where you like. Most modern RVs offer lots of storage space, but it isn’t always easily accessible. Make your life easier by installing sliding cargo trays in your storage areas. We carry many different sizes that are simple to install, and allow you access all of your cargo without having to pull everything out and repack every time. You’ll be amazed at just how much you can bring with you when you pack it correctly and have the easy access afforded by sliding cargo trays for your RV!

RV Toilet Parts 

When you’re travelling in your RV you want the maximum in comfort and convenience, and that means NOT being bothered by a broken or malfunctioning toilet! It’s bad enough when you have toilet problems at home, but it’s the last thing you want to worry about when on vacation. Check out our selection of RV toilet parts and accessories to maintain or upgrade your current toilet facilities. We carry attractive, durable toilets in a range of sizes, including compact models for small bathrooms, along with many maintenance parts and repair kits.

RV Refrigerators and Freezers

One of the greatest pleasures when you’re out enjoying your RV with your family and friends is the ability to prepare delicious meals. Before you leave home you can stock up on fresh meats, fruits, and vegetables, or stop at small-town markets and choose some of the best local produce. Spacious, easy to clean, and durable, we carry portable refrigerators and freezers that will provide you with tasty, fresh food for years, and can be easily moved if you change RVs or simply want to use it around your home or campsite.

HD Satellite Antenna

When you’re away from home and looking to keep on top of your favorite TV programs and movies, trusting a simple antenna is tricky. In many rural areas, it’s hard to get any signal at all. With an HD satellite antenna for your RV, you can be sure to find all the shows you like. Perfect on those rainy days where the kids can’t get outside to play, or when you want to be informed of important news and weather forecasts, a satellite antenna for your RV is a must. Easy to install and set up, our selection of HD satellite antennas will be beaming all your shows to you in no time!

RV Backup Camera

Even the best and safest RV driver knows that backing up is a tricky affair. A spot check before climbing behind the wheel and proper mirror placement can help, but there’s always the danger that someone or something might move into your blind spot. The installation of an RV backup camera can eliminate that danger and ensure that you can maneuver in safety. Our selection wireless RV backup cameras are easy to install and offer a crystal-clear image of what’s going on behind your RV. Once you’ve tried it you’ll wonder how you ever drove without one!

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

 Safety is key when you’re traveling with your family and friends in your RV. At the very least a low tire pressure can be a hassle, and in extreme cases can even lead to an accident. You’re hauling a lot of weight around on your RV tries, so make sure that you’re aware of each individual tire pressure at all times. You wouldn’t drive without looking at your oil temperature, coolant temperature, or fuel level, so adding a tire pressure monitoring system for an RV gives you one more vital piece of operating information. Accurate and reliable, we carry monitoring systems that can be customized to your RVs tire pressure requirements.

As you can see, taking care of these 7 great RV upgrades before you start your travels this summer will help ensure a safe and comfortable vacation. We offer these and many other cool upgrades for all types and sizes of RVs and motorhomes. Take a look at our online catalog, and learn more about our great prices and free shipping on orders over $75. Many of our customers find that instead of buying a new RV, they can choose many of our great upgrades and custom-build the perfect RV at an affordable price. Let TVForMyRV be your partner for all things RV!

Check out our site for all the great brand names you know and trust, or contact us by email or by phone. We’re more than happy to discuss your RV upgrade needs, and can help you place your order and arrange for shipping. Make this summer your best RV travel summer yet with these 7 great upgrades from TVForMyRV!